Audubon Dakota asks residents and building managers to turn off lights during bird migration – InForum

FARGO – Audubon Dakota is asking residents and building managers to turn off lights at night to help keep birds on track for the spring migration that is currently taking place.

From March to May 31, many birds will migrate to their northern breeding grounds. The fall migration takes place from August 15 to November 15.

Since many birds migrate at night using natural signals to navigate the sky, “light pollution from brightly lit buildings and homes can confuse and disorient birds,” Audubon Dakota said in a statement. “Once attracted to cities and suburbs, birds often fly directly into buildings or circle them until they collapse from exhaustion. Up to a billion birds are lost to collisions and exhaustion every year in North America.”

Ways to help include:

  • Turn off non-essential lights.
  • Turn off or dim the lobby and atrium lights.
  • Turn off or dim the lights inside the house.
  • Turn off the lights before leaving the house or office.
  • Pull the blinds and close the curtains.
  • Make sure exterior lights are pointing down and well shielded.
  • Install motion sensors on outdoor lights to limit usage.

Audubon Dakota, the regional office of the National Audubon Society, a nonprofit bird advocacy group, is working with the International Dark Skies Association to raise awareness of the national Lights Out for Birds effort. To visit

for more information and ways to help.

Jennifer C. Burleigh