Application based on Fargo and cryptocurrency to organize a treasure hunt – InForum

FARGO – The founders of Webblen, a Fargo-based cryptocurrency, will soon launch a treasure hunt in May.

The currency can be used to buy certain things like other cryptocurrencies. The main difference is that people can earn Webblen by attending local events promoting positive behaviors.

These event holders and businesses can post events using Webblen.

The creators of the cryptocurrency will be offering a chance to win Webblen from May 10 to June 10, with a corporate scavenger hunt around Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo.

Two winners will be selected each week, with a grand prize winner selected on June 10 who will take home $3,000 worth of Webblen cryptocurrency.

It all starts with a QR code.

“If you scan it, you’ll be added to a pot that we’ll be distributing in total around $10,000 to the most engaged people in their community,” said Webblen co-founder and chief marketing officer Nathaniel Thoreson.

The plan is to show people what their own community has to offer.

“I hope you can even stumble upon some pretty cool companies and some pretty cool initiatives that are improving the health of our communities along the way,” said Kai Selekwa, co-founder and CEO.

If you want to register your business for the scavenger hunt, visit

Jennifer C. Burleigh