A week after missile tests, North Korea leads UN disarmament group

The UN has imposed sanctions on Pyongyang after carrying out ballistic missile and nuclear tests.

North Korea has assumed the leadership of a high forum on nuclear disarmament at the United Nations. The country will chair the forum for the next three weeks, due to the rotation of positions among member countries. It comes a week after North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un conducted several missile tests following President Joe Biden’s visit to South Korea. The United Nations actually imposed sanctions on Pyongyang after it conducted ballistic and nuclear missile tests.

The forum they chair is the Conference on Disarmament, which is held in Geneva three times a year. It was created at a time when nuclear stockpiling was at its peak and therefore aimed to stop the imminent threat of nuclear war. The conference, however, did not prove that it had developed policies that helped disarmament since 1996.

The United States has said that North Korea’s chairmanship of this committee raises questions about its effectiveness. A State Department spokesperson said, “It certainly calls that into question when you have a regime like the DPRK in a leadership position, a regime that has done as much as any other government in the world to erode the non-proliferation norm. ”

At Thursday’s opening session, many Western states collectively issued a joint statement that read, “We remain gravely concerned about the reckless actions of the DPRK that continue to seriously undermine the very value of the Conference on Disarmament.” The statement was read by the Australian Ambassador. , on behalf of the coalition of countries.

North Korea responded to those statements, saying it had taken note of the criticism but reiterated its claim of self-defense.

Jennifer C. Burleigh