‘50,000 character-building societies in universities educate young people about the dangers of corruption’ – Latest News – The Nation

ISLAMABAD – The Chairman of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Justice Javed Iqbal, said on Wednesday that the Bureau’s anti-corruption outreach policy has been praised by Transparency International (TI), the World Economic Forum (WEF) , Global Peace Canada, PILDAT and other reputable organizations.

Chairing a meeting to review NAB’s outreach policy, he said more than 50,000 character-building societies had been established at universities nationwide to educate young people about the dangers of corruption. The results of the establishment of youth character societies in universities have been excellent.

Character building societies played a vital role in educating young people in universities and colleges about the ill effects of corruption. NAB introduced a new Combined Investigation Team (CIT) concept for effective case investigation, which benefited from the experience and collective wisdom of investigators and not only verified complaints, investigations and investigations, but also completed them. The office’s policy of educating the public about the harmful effects of corruption has remained successful.

The NAB, in collaboration with various NGOs, the media, civil society and other sectors of society, has launched an awareness campaign to educate the public, especially young people, about the harmful effects of corruption at an age so early.

NAB’s media wing effectively highlighted NAB’s awareness and recovery efforts through print, electronic and social media, which was appreciated by all sections of society. Out of 179 mega corruption cases, 66 mega corruption cases were brought to a logical conclusion by the esteemed accountability courts. The NAB President said the current NAB leadership has taken several steps to fight corruption.

Excellent results of these measures have been reported. He said that due to the effective prosecution of NAB in the past four years from 2017 to December 2021, the torts of liability had convicted 1405 defendants while the NAB had directly and indirectly recovered Rs 584 billion and the amount recovered had been deposited in the national treasury. Which was NAB’s best performance of any anti-corruption agency. Money recovered by NAB was returned to thousands of victims from housing corporations and various departments.

He said the NAB is committed to carrying out the mega corruption cases by following the “Accountability for All” policy for the complete eradication of corruption in Pakistan. All resources are used to achieve the objective of eradicating corruption.

The logical conclusion of cases of corruption, assets exceeding sources of income, fraud / illegal housing societies / cooperative housing societies by mass defrauding the public and the Mudaraba / Musharaka scandals is the top priority of the NAB.

He said that today the NAB has become a dynamic and worthy institution. About 1,237 corruption cases are currently being adjudicated in accountability tribunals across the country and their total value is about Rs 1,335 billion.

Jennifer C. Burleigh