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When it’s time to look for a loan (a car loan, a mortgage or a personal loan), the first thing people do is go to their local bank. It usually offers good customer service and you tend to get what you are looking for. However, what do you do if your bank refuses your loan application?

What other options do you have?

Other lenders


Canada is home to different lenders, not just banks. You can get financing from financial institutions that are different from major banks in Canada. The lenders that are available to you are co-ops, trust companies, caisses populaires, and so on. If your loan has been rejected by one of the big 5 banks, you can always try your luck with financial institutions belonging to a different category.

Private Lenders

 Private Lenders

One option that is often overlooked is obtaining financing from a private lender. Private lenders enter business faster in general and have more flexible application requirements than larger financial institutions. If your credit rating is a problem, private lenders are often the solution.

Private lenders only want the right loan-to-value ratio, which means that acceptance for a loan is much easier. Many of them are not even interested in your credit history or income / debt ratio.

Mortgage Brokers: Linking Together

Mortgage Brokers

You have a better chance of getting the loan you want if you try your luck with a mortgage broker or with a loan specialist. A mortgage broker can review your situation, and based on his experience, he or she will know which product will suit you the most. In addition, brokers have access to promotions that other lending institutions and banks do not want you to know: these promotions are a reward for large brokerage firms that bring a lot of customers to these institutions. They will also be aware of other products for which you could qualify.

If you have not been refused by a bank, but have been offered a high interest rate for a mortgage, you can tap the volume of the mortgage broker in your favor. Mortgage brokers often receive discounted rates in exchange for their corporate ledgers.

You should take advantage of a broker’s know-how to increase your chances of being approved in your application for financing.

Get out of the vicious circle of live payrolls pay with a personal loan Wed, 24 Apr 2019 13:28:56 +0000

Many families, with the recession and economic changes in recent years, are overcoming many economic difficulties. With a 7.2% unemployment rate in Canada, many face a rather bleak economic outlook. Many people have had to move to a second job, move to lower-cost housing, or return to school to get a better salary or a new job to get things moving. Unfortunately, many fall into the trap of payday loans becoming easily accessible to all.

Payday loans are loans offered to families in need of money until their next paycheck

Payday loans are loans offered to families in need of money until their next paycheck

(these loans are often the only option for some with bad credit). In order to get a payday loan, the only information needed is proof of income – usually your last pay check statement and a piece of identification. Payday loans do not ask for information about your credit and do not perform lengthy application processes, unlike banking institutions that ask for a credit check or other personal information. The process of a loan ranging from $ 500 to $ 1,500 is quick and immediate. The majority of payday loans have a two-week limit with principle and interest payable fourteen days after the loan date.

Although the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthese loans seems reasonable, the institutions offering them are anything but generous. Payday loans have incredibly high interest rates, many as high as 600%. Indeed, a loan of $ 1,000 would become $ 6,000 after one year of interest. Although the majority of these loans are for a two-week period, they still represent $ 230 more due to the balance of the loan. This amount is significant for families living one paycheck at a time, even mortal for those receiving checks that are not large enough to repay the loan. The latter are forced to take a larger loan to repay the first, forming a vicious circle of loans that can ruin financial stability and cost several thousand dollars at the end of the year.

Several solutions are available to people overcoming financial difficulties at the end of the month, including personal loans.These offer good solutions that can relieve temporary monetary problems.

Unlike payday loans, personal loans offer much smaller interest rates that typically range between 4% and 8%

Unlike payday loans, personal loans offer much smaller interest rates that typically range between 4% and 8%

In addition, many of these loans can be done over longer periods of time, usually one year or more. So families and individuals have more time to save money before having to repay the loan. For example, a one-year loan with an 8% interest rate increases by just over $ 43, compared to a $ 6,000 payday loan. Although many personal loans require a credit check, this is not the case for everyone.

Although many families want to avoid financial help, it is sometimes unavoidable to ask for help. Personal loans are a good option for those overcoming for the first time financial difficulties or for those caught in the vicious circle of payday loans. Offering smaller interest rates over a longer period of time, personal loans can be repaid with a schedule instead of immediately with high costs. If you find yourself in a situation where you are drowning in your finances and can not come to the surface on your own, consider personal loans and not payday loans.

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Every year millions of Americans, just like you, deal with debt. Whether it’s from student loans, credit cards, or back taxes, all debt has one thing in common, it’s financially crippling and often impossible to deal with on your own.

This is where Rebound Finance can help. Below we’ve listed out a few questions for you to answer. After each question, we’ve provided all the information you’ll need to help identify what type of debt relief solution will best suit your unique needs. Once you’ve determined which solution is the best option, fill out an application or give us a call. Speaking with a debt professional may be just what you need to regain control of your finances and finally get back on track.

Are You Dealing with Credit Card Debt?

Are You Dealing with Credit Card Debt?

Unfortunately, high-interest credit card debt is easy to create but extremely difficult to get rid of. But, the good news is that there are many debt relief options available to anyone currently dealing with high levels of credit card debt.

Interest Rate Negotiation

For those who are struggling to pay down their credit card debt because of high-interest rates, you may want to consider negotiating a lower rate with your credit card provider. With a lower interest rate, you’ll be able to pay off your debt quicker and less of your hard earned money will be wasted on interest charges.

If negotiating with a credit card company intimidates you, or you’re simply looking for professional help, consider working with a credit counselor. They can speak with your credit card provider on your behalf, negotiate a lower interest rate, and help you create a plan to pay down your debt.

Credit Card Balance Transfers

A credit card balance transfer is another great way to save on interest. With this type of do-it-yourself debt consolidation, you’ll transfer the balance from your current high-interest credit card to a credit card that has a special introductory APR of 0% for balance transfers. These special introductory rates typically only last for 12 to 24 months, this means you’ll have a specific amount of time to pay off your debt. But, during that time, 100% of the payments you make will do towards bringing down the total amount of debt you have.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Another way to consolidate your high-interest credit card debt is to use a debt consolidation loan. The reason this works is that often personal loans have lower interest rates than credit cards. Keep in mind that this is only if you’re able to qualify for a personal loan with a low enough interest rate. So, you take the money from the loan and pay off your credit cards, now you only have to make payments on the loan instead of multiple credit cards. You’ll lower your interest rate and make your debt repayment more manageable with a fixed payment plan, it’s a win-win situation.  

Debt Management Program

If you’re currently dealing with a large amount of unsecured debt and have a low credit score then a debt management program might be exactly what you need. You’ll work with a professional credit counselor, through a credit counseling agency, who will create a personalized debt repayment plan that fits into your budget and help you get a reduced interest rate. Most consumers who enter a debt management program are able to complete it in under 60 payments.

Is Your Student Loan Debt Holding You Back?

Is Your Student Loan Debt Holding You Back?

Student loan debt is a huge financial burden that the majority of American graduates must deal with on a daily basis. If you’re one of these graduates, we offer a student loan debt management program that will connect you with a personalized debt relief solution.

If you’re currently making payments toward one or more federal student loans, are having trouble keeping up with the payments, would benefit from a lower interest, or are having your wages garnished, we can help.

Do You Have a Tax Bill That You Can’t Pay?

Do You Have a Tax Bill That You Can’t Pay?

Unpaid tax debt is a serious issue that should be addressed right away. To help prevent wage garnishment, liens, and levies, it’s important that you get the help you need to create a plan to pay back the money you owe. There are several tax debt solutions available to all Americans. To determine which one is best suited to your needs, we can’t recommend enough that you first speak with a professional who can assess your situation and help you choose the best solution. 

Are You Looking for a Fresh Start?

Are You Looking for a Fresh Start?

If other debt relief solutions have not worked for you or you’re looking for a fresh start, you still have a few options available to you. It’s important to keep in mind that these options should only be considered as a last resort. This is another reason why it’s so important to speak with a professional credit counselor, as they’ll be able to guide you through the process of choosing the right solution.

Debt Settlement

If you decide that debt settlement in the best option for you and your financial situation, you’ll be able to settle your debts and pay less than you actually owe. The major drawback with debt settlement is that your credit score will be hurt. But, for those in dire enough financial situations, it can work.

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While all problems can not be solved with money, there are many situations and emergencies that can only be solved with easy access to money. Unfortunately, despite the importance of having an emergency fund these days and encouraged by most financial planners, experts and even parents, the average Canadian does not have enough money to deal with any type of problem. ’emergency.

What will happen when your vehicle does not start on a cold morning? Or that the heating system in your home decides to stop working? Or that you have to buy an expensive ticket to go home? The list is long. While it may seem extreme to always prepare for the worst of scenarios, life is full of pitfalls, most of the time unfair, stressful and expensive.

How to manage a financial emergency

 How to manage a financial emergency

In the face of a financial emergency, having access to money quickly is invaluable. Having enough money set aside to handle emergencies is the ideal scenario, but at Prêts Québec, we understand that this is not always possible. In this way, we want to help you find a way to access money quickly and efficiently.

The weather

The time is really important in front of any kind of financial emergency. That’s why we suggest you find a lender who can work with you immediately and approve you for the loan you need. You should turn to financing the same day. Be aware that most predatory lenders will offer financing on the same day. You absolutely must avoid payday lenders, scams and all the other providers who are just waiting to enjoy a desperate person.



The sooner you find a lender and have the application process started, the sooner you will be approved and receive the money you need. Your priority should be to complete your application quickly and flawlessly. Too much going back and forth between you and the lender can hold back the process and lengthen the approval time.


If you’re worried about your credit rating and financial history, find a lender that does business with everyone regardless of their credit rating. A wide range of financial products and loans that PrêtQuébec offers do not require the credit rating. In case of financial emergency or bad credit, do not hesitate to contact us.

What are your best options?

There are many loan options available to you. Since everyone’s financial needs are different, it’s up to you to choose which option would be best for you. Here are some options that you can take into consideration.

Personal loans

personal loans

A basic and short term personal loan is a great option for anyone who needs quick approval. Personal loans are usually granted immediately, the application is easy to follow and the process of direct repayment.

Consider a personal loan if:

  • You need less than $ 1000
  • You need to be approved quickly
  • Your credit rating is far from perfect

Emergency loans

 Emergency loans

An emergency loan will give you access to the money you want as quickly as possible. Same day financing is often an option and the terms of your loan will be customized to meet your needs and financial need. Consider an emergency loan if:

  • You have an emergency that needs financing quickly
  • You need money quickly and easily

Auto Title Loans

A car title loan is another option for those in need. With such a loan, your vehicle is used as collateral for the loan, which means you could be approved for a higher loan.

Consider a car loan if:

  • You need more than $ 1000
  • Your vehicle is fully paid

Manage your emergencies today

No matter what your emergencies and the type of financing you need, the faster you deal with your financial emergencies, the sooner you will return to a normal life.

We offers clear advantages for the self-employed loan! Thu, 17 Jan 2019 15:23:51 +0000


Higher credit opportunities through online banks and personal loans!

Higher credit opportunities through online banks and personal loans!

The credit portal creditend is probably the most comprehensive online comparison portal for installment credit in the world : In addition to all the leading online credit banks, the borrower also has the option of obtaining loans from private individuals. As a result, creditend also differs from the credit marketplace moneyor, which conveys only loans from private individuals.

With the additional possibility of private loans (without a bank!), Self-employed and tradespeople have a good chance of obtaining a loan through the private sector. The practice shows that many online banks are still unwilling to offer self-employed loans. The reason lies in the supposedly higher default risk on the one hand and in the greater effort to assess creditworthiness in comparison to loans for employees and civil servants on the other hand.

Our experience and the numerous feedback from creditend customers clearly show that it is very worthwhile for the self-employed to have access not only to online banks but also to private investors. The latter proves to be particularly useful for borrowers with special credit requirements, as here offers the opportunity to present the request for credit of private investors. This possibility of detailed discussion of the personal situation and the loan project is a central element in the lending of private investors. 28inyz79nl?ref=f8fe2d60&a bid=d1db604b

creditend with unique feature

With its comprehensive comparison portal, which includes not only online credit banks but also loans from private individuals, creditend clearly differs from the many other credit companies, which are either only a credit intermediation model consisting of online banks or operate a sole credit marketplace for loans from private to private (eg moneyor).

The creditend concept has convinced independent testers several times over the years. For example, the financial magazine EURO creditend was the winner of all German loan portals. Stiftung Warentest also rated creditend positively for four consecutive years. The trade magazine advises: “If you want to try it with a loan application over the Internet, is first choice”.

Best Price Guarantee as another creditend USP

The best price credit guarantee offered by creditend is considered by the credit industry to be another unique selling proposition (USP) feature compared to its competitors.

“If you need a cheap credit quickly and easily, then you have come to the right place,” explains Alexander Artopé, Managing Director and co-founder of creditend GmbH. “Our offer, Germany’s cheapest online loan ‘keeps what the name promises: A credit on best terms for everyone.”

Conclusion: The credit opportunities for self-employed people are higher with creditend because of the comprehensive comparison possibilities (online banks AND private loans).

Alternatives to creditend?

Our other recommendations are financinga for short-term loan solutions up to 100,000 euros and compeon and kapilendo for higher loan amounts. kapilendo lends up to 2.5 million euros by means of crowdlending. Other alternatives for short-term loans for self-employed to 100,000 euros are the credit intermediaries Crediter, Pixocredit and moneyor.

We recommend moneyor for smaller loan projects requiring explanation, as the loan project can be presented in detail to the investors here. Experience shows that this has a very positive effect on lending. More about: Secret tip Crowdlending: Alternative loan for the self-employed with good chances of success!

For bridging loans for fast and unbureaucratic correction of financing bottlenecks, we recommend financinga for short-term loan solutions up to 100,000 euros and compeon for larger loans! More on this in the monthly published bridging loan ranking.

For self-employed the following practical tips should be interesting…

  1. Find the cheapest loan offer instead search: With the credit formula can save up to 40% interest!
  2. Hardly any company is aware that factoring as a credit alternative for medium-sized companies is not only an interesting solution in times of crisis!
  3. Always first study credit requirements, and then submit the application! This saves unnecessary frustration and false hopes.
  4. A credit insurance can be helpful as additional security!
  5. Often forgotten: A financially strong guarantor always increases the chances of getting a loan (including cheaper credit terms).
  6. In addition to a guarantee or credit insurance, there are other securities that increase the chances of a loan.

Loans for the self-employed, freelancers, founders, entrepreneurs, tradesmen and small businesses find loan seekers in our practice guide loan for the self-employed.